Wine Pro Program 2016

Increase your earnings by the glass. How?

Following our program is free, easy, and safe.

Thanks to the wine dispenser that guarantee:

  • Maximum hygiene
  • Perfect serving temperature between 6 and 18 degree Celsius
  • Eliminates waste through précised doses control
  • Preservation of opened bottle up to one month

How does the program work?

Wine Pro Italy provides you in a montly basis different ‘Made in Italy’ wines from different regions along with full advertising materials to increase your sales in number of wine (bottles) sold by the glass.

Based on number of bottles order we can deliver a wine dispenser free of charge.
There is a wide selection of wines offered that it can be choseen at a very competitive price.

Wine Dispensers are available in Two formats.
4 bottles wine dispenser or, 8 bottle wine dispenser

In order to know more how to apply to get into the program feel free to contact us.

Wine is culture!

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